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The Center for Wellness Promotion at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte promotes, supports, and affirms healthy living behaviors among campus community members to foster knowledge, attitudes, and skills that are essential for positive decision-making and enhancement of self-esteem. The Center for Wellness Promotion is the campus resource for health education programs, services, and information, as well as direct-care consultation and referrals.

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Center for Wellness Promotion

Helping Students Make
Smarter, Healthier and Safer Choices

General Information:
The Center for Wellness Promotion presents a variety of group and campus-wide wellness events related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, sexual responsibility, and men's and women's health issues. Certified health educators and substance abuse staff are available to speak to UNC Charlotte students and groups.  We also provide one-on-one consultation for students related to alcohol/drug issues, tobacco cessation, sexual health issues, and interpersonal violence issues.  For more detailed information, please click on the tabs to your left and/or above.

Assessments and other assistance is provided for individuals with questions or difficulties relating to alcohol or other drugs, sexual health issues, tobacco use or interpersonal violence issues. 

  • For alcohol, drug issues or questions, call Shawnte Elbert or Betria Stinson at 704‑687‑7407.
  • For sexual health questions or issues, call Leslie Robinson at 704‑687‑7407.
  • For tobacco use questions or smoking cessation assistance, call Shawnte Elbert at 704‑687‑7407.
  • For interpersonal violence questions or assistance, call Nicole Madonna-Rosario 704‑687‑7407.
  • For BASICS issues or questions, call Betria Stinson at 704‑687‑7407.

For Appointments, please call 704‑687‑7407

Hours of Operation:

After Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Information about After Hours Care Click here.

Mailing Address:

Student Health Center
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001
(Please note, this mailing address is the standard campus mailing address so it cannot be used to locate the Student Health Center on mapping programs. For information on finding us on mapping programs, please see instructions below.)

Location, Directions & Parking: View Campus Map

The Student Health Center is located on the corner of Cameron Boulevard and Mary Alexander Road. It is building number 65 on the campus map.  Parking is available for patients in the gated Student Health Center lot. Patients who park in the lot must enter their vehicle license number in when they sign in using the Self Check-in computers or sign the parking log at the Front Desk. The Front Desk will provide a code that must be entered at the gate to exit the lot.

If you have access to a mapping program or app: The mailing address at the Student Health Center is the standard campus mailing address so it cannot be used to locate the Student Health Center on mapping programs.  However, if you enter one of the addresses below into a mapping program, it should bring you directly to our building.  "9524 Poplar Terrace Drive, Charlotte" or "Mary Alexander Rd AND Cameron Blvd". (Please understand that these are NOT valid mailing addresses.)

GPS Coordinates: You may also be able to enter the following GPS Coordinates into your mapping device to be directed to our building. 35.311063, -80.730262

Campus Shuttle:

The Student Health Center is on the Niner bus route.

Off-Campus Transportation:
Need Transportation off Campus?  Yellow Cab offers a guaranteed, flat-rate fee for local trips for UNC Charlotte students, faculty and staff. For more information visit, Yellow-Cab

If you would like more information about the Collegiate Recovery Community at UNC Charlotte, or if you would like to help out, please contact
Beau Dolley at 704‑687‑7414.

The Center for Wellness promotion staff are all trained, open to and supportive of all individuals regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.



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