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Modified Operations Due to COVID-19

As of Monday, March 16 and until further notice, the Center for Wellness Promotion has moved to remote operations Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In the meantime, campus wellness promotion workshops, trainings and events have either been cancelled or postponed - including the programs listed below that are part of our regular offerings.  If you have questions or inquiries about or workshops, trainings and events, you can reach us by phone at 704-687-7407 and email at Individual staff contact information can be found on our directory.  The Center's staff will be checking email and voicemail regularly and will reply to your message in a timely manner. 


When the Center for Wellness Promotion is operating under usual circumstances and not working remotely, if you would like for a wellness promotion professional from the Center for Wellness Promotion to come to your location (residence hall, student organization, class, etc.) to give a presentation, facilitate a discussion, or provide health education materials, please complete the form linked below. Completing the form in its entirety will expedite the process.

A listing of programs routinely offered is below.  We are also willing to work with you on a custom presentation if our routine programs do not quite meet your needs.

All program solicitations MUST be submitted by filling out a online Program Request Form at least 2 weeks in advance.


Navigating Addiction and Recovery (60 mins)
Interactive Presentation


  • Reduce stigma around substance use strugges and increase recovery awareness
    • Addiction as a concept; SUD as a diagnosis
    • Risk factors for SUD/Addiction
  • Accurately define "substance use disorder"
  • Accurately define what "recovery" means
  • Identify appropriate resources and conversation navigation tips
  • How to be a campus ally

Substance Use:  From Warning Signs to Clearing Minds (60 mins)
Interactive Presentation


  • Reduce stigma around substance use struggles and increase recovery awareness
  • Identify symptoms of intoxication from key substances
  • Identify symptoms of withdrawal from key substances
  • Identify appropriate resources and conversation navigation tips
  • How to be a campus ally


Myth Busters - Perceptions vs. Reality (60 mins)  
This program addresses common misperceptions among college students related to substance use (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs).  Students will learn basic information about each substance, its prevalence on UNC Charlotte's campus, and how the misrepresentation of "campus norms" can contribute to the use of each substance.  


Interpersonal Violence 101 (45-60 mins)

Interpersonal violence is prevalent on college campuses, and it’s important we have a shared language to define it. In this workshop, we will provide an overview of the most common forms of interpersonal violence impacting college students such as sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. The focus of this presentation is on warning signs of violence, tips to support a friend, and an overview of campus resources including confidential and private options.

Healthy Relationships (45-60 mins)

In this workshop, we will discuss the relationship spectrum and strategies for identifying healthy vs. unhealthy relationship characteristics. Students will explore setting boundaries, healthy communication, and practicing consent. These skills apply to all relationships including platonic, romantic, sexual, and other personal relationships.

Dating Violence and Peer Support (45-60 mins)

After an experience with dating violence, many survivors will seek out a friend or someone close to them for support. This workshop will prepare students to respond to a disclosure by providing effective support and information about resources. We’ll discuss characteristics of dating violence and warning signs to consider, useful tips and phrases to start a conversation, practicing self-care and boundary setting, and resources for students impacted by interpersonal violence. 

Consent and Sexual Communication Skills (45-60 mins)

Consent is a normal and necessary part of sex. In this workshop, we’ll discuss when and how to ask for consent, techniques to check-in during a sexual interaction, and communication tips to increase safety and pleasure. Students will learn the definition of consent, verbal cues and body language, and how to apply practical communication skills in their sexual relationships. 

Stalking in the Media: Discussing the Netflix Series "You" (45-60 mins)

In this workshop, we will discuss stalking through the lens of the popular Netflix show "You" to identify examples of stalking behavior commonly depicted in popular culture. The goal of this discussion is to explore the representation of stalking in the media and how it impacts our ability to identify stalking behavior appropriately. Students will learn how to differentiate between romantic pursuit and stalking, classify different types of stalking behavior, and get more information about reporting options on campus. 


Wellness Jeopardy (60 mins)
This program address topics including:  Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Sleep, Stress, Time Management, Sex, Bystander Intervention, Healthy Relationships and Consent.  This is a typical "jeopardy-style" game which enables students to get a broad understanding of general wellness topics and resources on campus.  The group will split into two teams and compete for the highest number of points!


Customized Nutrition Program - Presented by Student Health Dietitian Katie Powers (45 mins)
    •  Nutrition presentations focus on healthy eating for short term and long term health and healthy weight.  The presentation can be customized to meet the needs of your specific group if adequate notification is given.
    •  Presentation format

*Customized Nutrition Programs on a variety of topics are available upon request

All program solicitations MUST be submitted by filling out a online Program Request Form.