Wellness Passport Program

What is the Wellness Passport?

The Wellness Passport program is a partnership between faculty/staff classroom instructors and the Center for Wellness Promotion. Instructors who include Wellness Passport in their syllabus, provide classroom credit for students who attend events that meet the criteria of a Wellness Passport event. This assignment provides students with an added opportunity to experience a variety of health and wellness activities, services, and programs that are available here at UNC Charlotte.

Each individual instructor will provide their students with the procedures and guidelines for:

  • Selecting Events
  • Attending Events
  • Handing in the Assignment

The Wellness Passport program is designed to help students become engaged on campus and improve and understand their health and productivity. The main focus of this initiative is to support the six dimensions of health & wellness: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental and spiritual health.  Instructors will provide their students with Wellness Passport booklets and will encourage them to attend the required number of events .  

Please visit the Wellness Passport Calendar regularly for announcements on all upcoming programs and events that meet the criteria for a Wellness Passport program.


Handing in the Wellness Passport Book

  1. Please follow the directions of your Professor/Instructor.  They may require more than just a passport stamp.  The Center for Wellness Promotion only provides a calendar of approved events for students to choose from and is not involved in the grading process.
  2. Please return the Wellness Passport book to your Professor/Instructor at the end of the course.  The books will then be returned to the Center for Wellness Promotion.  
  3. Only the stamped verification pages will be accepted for credit. You will not receive credit if you turn in stamped materials other than verification pages.


What happens if I lose my Wellness Passport Book?

If you lose your Wellness Passport Book, you may pick-up another from the Center for Wellness Promotion.  Programmers know that they are not allowed to stamp sheets of paper if a student has lost or left their Wellness Passport book at home.



If you would like to host a future Wellness Passport program, please check back in August 2019 for additional information.

*If you are a faculty/staff member from the Health & Wellbeing Unit, please contact Deirdre Feeney at dfeeney3@uncc.edu with questions about your event.