Green Dot Program

What is the Green Dot Program?

Interpersonal violence is a serious public health issue impacting college students. Bystander intervention is an important strategy in preventing violence because it recognizes all community members as potential allies and bystanders with an active role in creating a safer campus culture. Green Dot is a bystander intervention program with proven effectiveness in reducing multiple forms of interpersonal violence in a university setting.  Green Dot is designed to mobilize students, staff, and faculty to engage in prevention and establish intolerance of violence as the campus norm. The CWP is seeking motivated, passionate staff to serve as Green Dot trainers to lead the training effort across campus. No expertise or background in violence prevention is required.


About the Train the Trainer Certification

The CWP will host a 4-day virtual training for staff and faculty from May 18th-21st. Participants will become certified in the bystander curriculum to deliver extensive training to students, staff, and faculty. All staff/faculty are invited to participate in this opportunity. Training is FREE due to a generous donation provided by the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage. 


Join the Green Dot Team Today!

To become a Green Dot trainer, please confirm your interest in attending the Green Dot certification training by April 19th. If you would like to nominate someone to serve as a Green Dot trainer, please send us their name and contact information.

To learn more, you can also sign-up for an optional Green Dot informational session:

March 24th at 1pm - Register

March 25th at 10am - Register

For more information, please contact Chelsey Walker